Football falls to Central Oklahoma in season opener

Chloe’ Clossum
2 min readOct 18, 2021


Arianne Boma

After coming back from a two game season last year the Missouri Western football team held their season opener away in Oklahoma against The University of Central Oklahoma Broncos, on Thursday, Sept. 2.

The Griffons struggled in the beginning after allowing the Broncos to score in just the first quarter on a 12- yard rush. Sophomore Anthony Vespo was able to connect with Freshman Brandon Hall later in the beginning of the second quarter by running a 41- yard touchdown for the Griffons, being the only touchdown made the entire first half ending the first half 24–7 against Central Oklahoma.

Though the Griffons did struggle in the first half with defense they did make some hits with one being by Senior Terrance March stopping the first down that the Broncos attempted to make giving the possession to the Griffons to help them gain that touchdown in the first half.

After a rough start in the beginning the Griffons came out the second half ready to dominate. The Griffons came back later on in the third after Vespo was able to connect with Freshman Shen Butler- Lawson Jr. scoring a 1-yard touchdown for the Griffons bringing the score 24–14 after a good field goal.

The Griffons then came into the fourth after a 31- yard pass from Vespo to Freshman Hezekiah Trotter who was then able to set up the 3-yard touchdown by Freshman Brison Cobbins who brought the score for the Griffons to 24–20 after an unsuccessful field goal not gaining the Griffons the extra point.

The Griffons defense was extremely better in the first half with several hits and tackles assisting with doing anything to stop the Broncos from scoring. A tackle for Loss was successful by Senior Devan Burrell pushing the Broncos back. Sophomore Larmon Witt was also able to make a huge hit against the Broncos during a punt return as well. The Griffons couldn’t quite come back and get the win like planned and did fall short at the end, ending the second game 24–20 gaining the Broncos 1–0 on their season.

This is not the best game we’ve seen with The Griffons but they have a long season ahead of them to work, get big and to bring home the wins. There is so much more progress to be made and this is only the beginning for the Griffons.

The Griffons are now 0–1 on the season and play their home opener against Fort Hays State Thursday, Sept. 9 at 7 p.m for kickoff.



Chloe’ Clossum

Freshman, Journalism major at Missouri Western State University.