Hall Becoming a Leader for Football

Arianna Boma

Brandon Hall has been a leader for the Griffons.

Hall is a 5’9, 180-pound running back and wide receiver from North Kansas City who ended his senior year with several accolades. Hall was Conference Offensive Player of the Year, First Team All-Conference, First Team All-District, and Team Offensive MVP.

Due to COVID last year, Hall couldn’t show as much of his potential last season as he has this season but has made sure to make up for that this season for not only him but his team.

“I feel like I brought versatility to the team, a lot of the good teams that are power houses in their conferences are versatile and they explode,” Hall said. “My greatest strength is what I do when I get the ball, I’m really good at making people miss in open space and I’m great at making the right choices.”

Hall was able to have a career night with 130 rushing yards, one TD, and a 42 yard run.

On the receiving side he had two receiving receptions, 56 yards and one TD.

“[Hall] came in and took the game over, he’s awesome, he’s electric,” Coach Matt Williamson said. “He’s hard to find, he’s hard to catch and he’s hard to tackle.”

Not only is Hall working hard on the field, he works hard in the classroom after being on Academic Honor Roll.

The Griffons make sure to spend their time enhancing, warming up, working hard in individuals, several team segments and working on plays and improving everyday.

Hall knows for sure he chose the right home.

“The coaches were good, the facilities were nice,” Hall said. “My high school coach went here and a lot of people, including myself, felt as if it would be a good fit for me.”

Hall has a lot planned this season for the Griffons and plans to show it.

“Hard work pays off, if you show up everyday and give your best effort, you’re going to be unstoppable.”



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