Tennis Upends Truman State

On Friday, Missouri Western Women’s Tennis closed out their fall schedule in a dual match against Truman State.

The Griffons went 7–0 against the Bulldogs, opening up the match with a 3–0 sweep of doubles; after that they came through and swept all six of their single matches.

Junior Claudia Iglesias and graduate student Esther Güemes took on the first match against Allie Brown and Akansha Negi, who played for the Bulldogs. They went 6–4 on the match.

Anya Chavez and Alyssa Owens, sophomores for the Griffons, defeated both Samantha Seggerman and Julia Fangman in their doubles, going 6–2.

Sophomore Isabella MacGibbon and freshman Ellie Messenger finished off the three set match of doubles triumphing over the match, earning the Bulldogs one game ending the match 6–1.

The Griffons kept up that momentum in their singles, managing to pick up three shutouts out of the six singles matches. Chavez and Iglesias managed to go 6–0 in their first sets.

Sophomore Nicole Donnelly closed out her second match 6–0 after dropping one game in the first.

Though those were just some of the great accomplishments throughout the match, there were several others as well.

Güemes only dropped one game in her first set, but did drop three in set two.

Sophomore Isabella MacGibbon defeated Freshman Akansha Negi in six matches in both the first and second set, but did drop four games in the first set and three in the second.

Young player Ariella Curci vanquished freshman Abbi Worster going 6–2 in her first set and 6–1 in the second.

Overall the Griffons went in with control dominating each set they played, both singles and doubles. They went in with a strong mindset that they were going to win and they went and did just that, closing out 7–0 in the match.



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Chloe’ Clossum

Chloe’ Clossum


Freshman, Journalism major at Missouri Western State University.